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What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is strategic Estate Planning that enables, promotes, and sustains your best quality of care and life.

While Elder Law attorneys design well-crafted, thorough estate plans for all generations, we are different in that we bring our senior clients significant additional value with enhanced care and counsel tailored especially to their and their family's unique needs and concerns.

Elder Law provides creative, targeted solutions for a wide variety of estate planning and life care issues, including Wills & Trusts & Advance Directives, often combined with age-focused solutions for Retirement Planning, Long Term Care Planning, Medicaid and other Public Benefits Planning including Veterans (VA) Benefits, Special Needs Planning, Moving into a Facility and related Financial Planning and Asset Preservation, Medical Decision Making, End of Life Care Planning, Alzheimer's and Diminished Capacity Counseling, Guardianship & its Alternatives, & Probate.

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What is an Elder Law attorney?

An Elder Law attorney knows not just the law and the many ways Estate Planning allows all generations to plan for your wishes.  An Elder Law attorney must also know important details about our senior population and their unique needs, particularly those relating to legal competence, aging, disability, medical, retirement, financial, housing, and more.

For example, an Elder Law attorney should provide comprehensive, strategic estate planning while also taking special consideration of our senior clients' health, physical and mental challenges, emotional concerns, assisted living and nursing home possibilities, retirement resources, Medicaid eligibility requirements, end of life arrangements, the ever present financial concerns related to each, and much more.

Your Elder Law attorney should be kind and compassionate too.

Who do we help?

We help people of all ages, from our most advanced in age to children, and all generations in between.  No matter your age or station in life, proper estate planning, meaning planning kept in context with your age and station in life, can make all the difference.

How may we help you?  

We need to talk privately about your situation.  Every client's experience is unique and yours deserves to be heard, researched, and properly discussed.

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