Gentry Elder Law, P.A. concentrates exclusively on the following Elder Law & Estate Planning legal services:


- Florida Wealth & Asset Preservation by Strategic Estate Planning

- Medicaid Planning, Application Preparation, & Denial Management

- Professional Legal Document Drafting, Execution, & Recording

- Will Drafting (Simple & Complex) w/ Comprehensive Estate Plan Review & Updating

- Trusts (Revocable and Irrevocable) & Trust Administration

- Personal Representative (Wills) & Trustee (Trusts) Advising

- Probate Administration and Prevention

- Retirement Planning and Long Term Care Planning

- Advance Directives: Living Will, Health Care Surrogate, HIPAA Authorization

- Durable Powers of Attorney and Limited Powers of Attorney

- Crisis Counseling & Management

- Hospital Discharge Appeals and Insurance & Benefit Program Denials

- Small Business Succession Planning (Locally-Owned Tampa Bay Small Businesses)

- Marriage & Divorce Estate Change Review and Planning (Pre and Postnuptial)

- Family Change in Children Review & Planning

- Disability Planning (for all ages)

- Social Security, SSDI, Medicare, & Other Public Benefits Advising

- Veterans Benefits, Pension, Aid & Attendance

- Modern Digital Asset Planning

- Family Awareness and Crisis Management Education

- Medical, Financial, Legal, & Personal/Family Matter Reviews

- Dementia/Alzheimer's Planning & Management

- Capacity & Incapacity Planning and Management


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